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The current economic and financial situation demands highly responsive processes with accurate and real time information. There is a spurt in IT enabled customer facing operations, however there also a significant opportunity to harness the potential of automating back end processes, which has become a major focus area for banks and financial institutions of all size and volumes.

We provide systems and services to enable banks and financial institutions to re-engineer their current processes and implement new ones. The key to successful automation is the ability to implement each process within the limited timeframe. Besides, we have a comprehensive expertise to integrate with core systems that is indispensible for successful rollouts.

The team at enSQUARE IT has successfully implemented mission critical systems at big banks and financial institutions in the international market. Our systems are designed on the philosophy of providing simple solutions to complex problems. This philosophy is very much visible in the way the interfaces and processes are designed considering individual customers’ needs.


In the fast changing economic scenarios, organisations have been forced to adapt and implement new ideas to generate new sources of revenue and save on existing resources. Continuous improvement is the key to excellence in business processes. The ideas must get translated into actions that produce values which are both tangible and measurable.

Our technical experts and SMEs work closely to understand the requirements, design and implementation strategies and unite business processes and IT to create maximum value out of any process. The results can be measured in terms of optimisation and streamlining of the process, increased productivity and performance and greater customer satisfaction.

  1. Process Re-engineering

  2. Management Consulting

  3. Compliance Consulting


We help leading schools and institutes to follow the best approach in Language Learning and Institution Management.

We are committed to provide world class technologies to educational institutes to enable them to focus on providing education to students and leave their backend operations to us.

  1. Student & Institution Management System – Automating the diverse operations of Student & Staff Management, Fee Management, Attendance Management, Library, Payroll & Student Tracking.

  2. Interactive Language Learning solutions for 120 Languages, such as English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Korean....

  3. Green Solutions and Green IT Planning – Using virtualized desktops, saving the money on CPUs, thereby saving electricity, reducing operational costs and creating efficient systems.